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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Curly Hair Don't Care

Having curly hair, I love it. I know people with straight hair usually want curly or wavy hair, well it seems like people pretty much just want what they can't have. I used to straighten my hair every single day for 3-4 years! By the end, it was shorter from all the breakage than it was in the beginning of my lovely hair, and it would literally snap off in my fingers, so I decided it had to stop.

Some people think having curly hair is so much work, but really it's just wash, put in some magic products, blow-dry it and it looks amazing. No more sitting in front of the mirror for 40 minutes with a hotter-than-the-sun hair straightener and third degree burns on my head., oh and a lot more people compliment me on my curly hair rather than when I had straight hair because (I'm not sure if its the same with you, but where I live) EVERY GIRL EITHER HAS STRAIGHT HAIR OR STRAIGHTENS THEIR HAIR which I think is just awful.

I think its best to just work with what you got and make people wish they got it too

~Much Love
Kimmy Lovely

P.S try going to parties with curly hair man, people will share drinks with you if you let them play with your hair.
P.P.S ever tried playing with straight-hair? not happening.