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Thursday, 2 January 2014


Sometimes things are more beautiful close-up then they are far away. When its closer its like you got a smaller beautiful piece of a big picture and you can feel it.
 This is a picture of my favourite pants, my parachute pants. They're light and flowy and have the most beautiful floral print on them and I love these pants so much.
 My red and white polka-dot skirt hasn't been worn too many times because it is so long but I love how it looks so much I've never been able to part with it. Maybe one day I can make it part of a dress or something.
 I know this isn't really close up but these are the most gorgeous pair of heels I have ever seen and I can't even wear them! They are like 2 sizes too big and I don't think my feet are growing anymore but just look at them. How can you ever get rid of these they are beautiful.
 My boyfriends shirt that he says I look amazing in, I love the orange and blue colours in the plaid, not something I've seen too much. I just love this shirt.
 My Bob Marley hat is something I can't leave the house without in the winter. I love the rasta colours and the feeling of it and how it looks with my curly hair.
My pink tutu is one of the only skirts I ever wear. I could wear it anywhere, I don't care. Its a soft pale pink and there's lace underneath with some pearls on it as well, I think this is one of the most beautiful things I have. And I think every girl should have a pink tutu at one point in her life, and I'm glad I have mine now.

New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions, we've all heard of them right? Those things you decide at the end of the year that you want to do next year, usually forgetting about them mid-way through February and falling into old habits. My New Years Resolutions I think are simple, which I think that the simpler they are the easier it can be for them to be used. 
1. Don't Let People Walk All Over Me
I don't mean this in the literal sense, I'm not constantly fighting people to get them to stop walking on me, no. But people do seem to think that since I try to be nice and sweet that they can get away with anything they want like stealing from me, saying rude things about me, anything. This is not happening anymore. No more in 2014 will people look at me and think they can get the better of me. 

2. Start Doing Yoga
It's kind of sad that the one thing I'm most excited about after moving out is that I get to buy my own food and I will have healthy food in my house. Not the shit that my parents buy. Until then though, I am trying to be healthy as much as I can such as drinking lots of water and such, but I have realized that I don't really exercise, and I hate the thought of it with a passion. So I think that yoga would be a good alternative to keep me toned, active, and flexible.

3. Start A Blog
Blogging is very important to me since I can share my pictures and my words with the world and maybe someone can relate to me. My dream is to work for the Free People blog but for now I can just do this and be happy.

4.Be Happy
Why should it matter if you're popular, or what clothes you wear or who your friends are. You should just be doing exactly what you need to do so that you are happy. In the end, all you have is your thoughts. Are they 
happy ones? I hope mine are.

These are my silly New Years Resolutions, hope you don't mind how utterly stupid some of them are but I hope you like some of them. 

Peace and loveliness.